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We Went From Justice For George Floyd To Washington D.C. Gulags For J6 Prisoners – MTG [VIDEO]

WASHINGTON, DC – On June 15th, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference outside of Capitol Hill to address what she and many other Americans feel as though is an inhumane treatment of those still being held captive in jail for alleged offenses committed during the January 6th incident at the Capitol nearly a year-and-a-half ago.

In the wake of the incident that occurred in January of 2021 at the Capitol, there have been several concerns raised over the treatment of detainees accused of offenses linked to the Capitol incident – with a lack of due process [1] being among those complaints.

Of the now-over 800 people [2] who have been charged in connection with the incident, approximately 305 have pleaded guilty to various charges as of June 8th, with Axios [3] reporting that the vast majority of those cases (246 of them) involved defendants pleading guilty to various misdemeanors.

During the June 15th press conference, Rep. Greene referenced how in 2020, there was a national rallying cry for “justice for George Floyd,” yet the people still being held on pre-trial detention over January 6th are seemingly being robbed of their justice.

The Republican congresswoman also remarked on the dilapidated conditions of the D.C. jail as well as the sadistic treatment of those still confined nearly 18 months after the originating incident, claiming some have to choose between contacting their family or getting outdoor recreation time.

“We went through ‘justice for George Floyd,’ justice for him. But we don’t see any justice for these people that went into the Capitol – none. Do you want to know how they’re treated? I’ll tell you what I saw: I saw men in that D.C. jail that hasn’t had a haircut, couldn’t shave, they were filthy, dirty, and disgusting. They looked extremely unhealthy, because, you know what? They can choose between going outside for maybe an hour a day or calling their family.”

Rep. Greene asserted that the manner in which these pre-trial defendants are being treated sets an unsettling precedent for those who may wish to voice their “grievances to Washington,” claiming that many may be afraid to assemble in such a manner for fear that they’ll become the next group of political prisoners.

The Georgia congresswoman rhetorically asked the crowd why we, as Americans, even “allow it to happen” in the way it is playing out in Washington.

“If you come to bring your grievances to Washington, you’re terrified to do so because you might end up in the D.C. gulag like these other people, and never let out to be seen again. Is that what we’re supposed to be as Americans? No – absolutely not. But that’s where we are. And I can’t comprehend, I cannot comprehend, why we allow it to happen. Why? Why do we allow it to happen?”