In a video recently shared by Libs of TikTok, a white leftist decided to voice her position on white people getting a tan during the summer months, claiming that if they don’t vocalize their support for Black Lives Matter then they shouldn’t be tanning.

The video shared by Libs of TikTok earlier in June appears to have been originally uploaded in June of 2021 by a TikTok user under the handle “Allegra.Leggie.Legs” who has since made her account private on TikTok.

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In a seemingly smug tone while sitting in her vehicle, the woman goes on a brief diatribe about how white people shouldn’t get tan in the summer if they don’t repeat the BLM mantra.

“Hey, it’s that time of year again where white people can’t wait to get really tan…if you’re a white person and you can’t wait to get super tan and you can’t say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you’re not an ally and you can’t stand for your black, brown, indigenous, people of color friends and family then do everyone a favor and tanning is not for you. So, thank you.”

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Newsmax contributor and attorney Jenna Ellis responded to the video shared by Libs of TikTok, writing, “They’re so predictable, I was making fun of them years in advance,” where she shared a post she’d put up back in May of 2021 that read, “I’m in Florida this weekend with a pledge to help end racism: tanning, so I can be less white.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Journalist Kyle Becker shared his own take on the liberal Karen rant, writing, “These people actually believe skin pigmentation determines self-worth. They believe melanin content dictates what we’re allowed to do & say. They believe the way to ‘end racism’ is to be racist against the right people. ‘Progressives’ are setting humanity back entire centuries.”

Image Credit: Twitter

One of the funnier takes regarding the video involved a sort of racial game of hot potato between Twitter users.

One user commented, “The Hispanic community does not claim this lady. We kindly pass her to the Asian community,” which rendered a reply of, “Um fuck no. We respectfully tell the black community to take her ass back.” Apparently, one black Twitter user wasn’t having that, writing, “Hell to the Nah! Ain’t none of us got time for that, give her to the Native Americans,” which landed a response of, “Fuck no she is not ours.”

Image Credit: Twitter

While the above-featured video was great at landing some mocking responses, there is an unsettling number of people today who harbor these sorts of perspectives – in thinking (and vocalizing) that white people can’t/shouldn’t do “X” lest they do something to appease the perennially woke whims of the moment.

And, ironically, these sentiments seem to lie largely within the white demographic of the far-left.

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