After the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the entire Democratic party quickly revamped their efforts to attack the Second Amendment and blame the entire tragedy on guns. Although President Joe Biden is known for forgetting his speeches and fumbling his words, he even gave a speech that, again, focused more on the supposed gun problem in America and less on the notion of what drove an 18-year-old to kill 19 children and two adults. So far, that question has remained unanswered as liberal activists protested the NRA and only want to talk about more restrictions and banning certain assault rifles. But while the left doesn’t like to discuss mental health in America, one man, casually walking about, decided to give his take on the entire problem with the gun agenda. 

In the video, which can be watched below, the individual stated, “To the leftist out there that think this is a gun problem. We’ve had guns here since the dawn of time, but only in the last 20 years have we had mass shootings. Every single year it gets more difficult to get a rifle, but every single year we see more mass shootings. Please explain to me how this is a gun problem and not a mental health problem. And you sick bastards, the ones that say how many children need to die before you give up your Second Amendment? All of them? Is that what you want to hear? Is that the sound clip you’re looking for so you can dunk on the right-wingers? Nobody’s out to solve problems anymore. It’s all about dunking on the political opposition. To the right-wingers out there and say maybe it is time for gun control.”

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Seeing a common misunderstanding about the Second Amendment, the man added, “Here’s a PSA for everybody that doesn’t seem to quite understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not for hunting. It’s not for the range. It’s not for self-defense. The Second Amendment is leverage against your government. It’s a Deadman switch. The purpose of the second amendment is to live free or die.”

And proving how the agenda was never about saving or protecting lives, the man explained, “Even if I thought that abolishing the Second Amendment would somehow stop all school shootings. I still wouldn’t do it because I’m not some emotional single-issue voter. You can’t just look at single issues in a vacuum. You have to look at them with respect to everything else. There are more kids dying every year sniffing fentanyl than being shot by an AR-15. But you’ll fight to keep that southern border open. More Americans die at the hands of illegal immigrants. But you’ll fight to keep that southern border open. Are you really about saving lives?”

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Users online agreed, writing, “Nothing more to add … Well said. I’m French but support the US citizens who defend their constitution. We all know that most of the mass shootings are organized (false flags) to unarm the Americans. Don’t give up, brothers !!!”

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