“The western legacy Development Corporation will process cattle and bison completely with robotics and artificial intelligence, including new laser technology air knives that use a high-velocity air stream to de hide the animals. The western legacy Development Corporation is building a massive 1 million square foot meat factory that will be operating at levels as high as 8000 cattle per day. Now, one might ask, what about all this social engineering to stop eating real beef and get used to eating lab-grown meat and bugs?” – Greg Reese

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“And don’t worry, trust the science, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and remember the plan. Once we really start suffering, someone will eventually think of a solution. And if not, at least we were willing to die for a criminal government run by pedophiles.” – Greg Reese


Bill Gates Wants To Put His Fake Meat In Your Mouth & Gave Away The Real Reason In Resurfaced Video

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