DALLAS, TX – A couple of aggressive customers who patronized a Taco Bell location in Dallas in mid-June were reportedly doused with some boiling water by an employee after walking behind the counter. The two customers splashed in the incident have filed a lawsuit over the matter, with none other than Ben Crump representing the duo.

The incident reportedly occurred on June 17th, when two customers, identified by court records as Brittany Davis and her 16-year-old niece “C.T.,” had some kind of dispute with Taco Bell employees – undoubtedly over an order or general service rendered.

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In the footage released showcasing the incident, while no audio is available, the two female customers do show visible signs of frustration. The two female customers then walk past the counter into the employee area, with the woman in the blue top appearing to shove one of the Taco Bell employees.

Moments after the aggressive customer attacked one of the employees, another Taco Bell employee douses the two women with what is alleged to be boiling hot water.

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Famed ambulance chaser Ben Crump shared footage from the incident to Twitter after taking up the case, claiming that a Taco Bell employee also flashed a firearm at the two women and described his clients as being “innocent victims.”

“A recently released video shows a Taco Bell employee in Dallas, TX, throwing scalding hot water on Brittany Davis and a minor. When they fled the store, another employee flashes a firearm!

Why did these innocent victims have to suffer life-altering burns and psychological trauma over a TACO?! There’s NO excuse for the actions of the store employees & management. We need a full investigation into this violence & why an employee had a firearm on Taco Bell property!”

Image Credit: Twitter

It should be noted that Crump’s clamoring about the employee who allegedly “had a firearm on Taco Bell property” is likely a non-issue, considering that over 90% of Taco Bell locations are franchises (which Taco Bell has confirmed this Dallas as one in response to the suit). Thus individual owners can craft their own policies around firearms.

Nonetheless, the lawsuit filed claims that the allegedly boiling water had soaked the clothing of the two women, both of whom had to seek treatment at an area hospital. Davis allegedly suffered ten seizures by the time she’d reached the burn unit and had “deep burns on her chest and stomach with significant damage to her brain function due to the seizures causing her to lose some of her memory,” according to the lawsuit.

As for C.T., the 16-year-old allegedly suffered “severe burns to her face, chest, legs, arms, and stomach.”

In a statement regarding the matter, Taco Bell noted they’re in contact with the franchise owner but wouldn’t directly address any of the specifics outlined in the suit, only saying they “take the safety and wellbeing of team members and customers seriously.”

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