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“What’s up, ladies and gentlemen? The following video is a clip that I pulled from the live stream we did on Locals yesterday, where we talked about the Arizona lawsuit to ban the Dominion machines filed by Kari Lake and Mark Fincham. This is groundbreaking stuff. You guys are gonna want to see this.” – Nick Moseder

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“So he was like an operative, right. And also, this guy was brought into Antrim, Michigan, when Matt DePerno‘s case was going on, and he’s the same guy that Dominion brought into Pennsylvania to help block the Senate from auditing the Dominion machines out there. You guys remember when Pennsylvania was really close to doing an audit? I mean, let’s be honest, the Senate out there, they’re weak. They were never really wanting to do anything. But on the surface, they were making it look like they did. And just before they got those Fulton County, which is Pennsylvania, not Georgia, Fulton, Pennsylvania, their Dominion machines. Dominion came in and swooped in and filed an injunction with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to block them.” – Nick Moseder

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