UPDATE: A Bill Gates Foundation Grocery Distribution Center in the Netherlands Goes Up in Flames

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The Netherland Posts shared the following details:

A large fire raged in a distribution center of online supermarket Picnic in Almelo on Sunday evening. The building on the Zeearend was completely on fire, reports the fire brigade. A little before 1:00 am, the fire master signal was given. However, the fire brigade will still be working on extinguishing the fire for some time.

The fire brigade arrived with several vehicles and flew a drone above the building to get a good picture of the fire. The extinguishing activities were aimed at preventing the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings.

It could be seen that a lot of smoke is released from the fire in the surrounding area. The fire brigade warned local residents to stay out of the smoke and to keep windows and doors closed. The amount of smoke has since decreased significantly. The nearby hospital was not affected by the smoke, according to the fire service.

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Were those two videos above of fires burning government corruption to the ground?

Original article below:

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Dutch farmers and Canadian truckers are setting and have set an example for the world. We must all do everything we can to disrupt the globalist agenda…

“They [farmers] have livestock, and they produce beef. And what’s interesting to know is that the Dutch minister who has pushed this Nitrogen law has a brother-in-law who is the owner of the Dutch online supermarket called Picnic. Guess who invested $600 million in Picnic last year? Right Bill Gates, the man who wants you to eat fake meat.” – Eva Vlaardingerbroek

“They are basically saying this is what is going to happen if you take our land away. We’re going to have food shortages. Because already right now in the Dutch supermarkets, a lot of the shelves are empty.”

“We basically serve as these pilot countries for the rollout of this 2030 agenda for the World Economic Forum.”

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