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No matter what you think about Covid-19 and where it came from, or what causes it, or how justified lockdowns are, or whether mask mandates are worth it, one fact is basically indisputable: This disease is not dangerous to children. Thank God for that. Yet somehow the Biden Regime and the Covid hysterics can’t accept this. They are completely obsessed with a fake reality where the disease is dangerous to children, as an excuse to ruin children’s lives. They’re locking them indoors, denying them a real education, forcing them to cover up their faces and never see the faces of their parents.  It’s stunting their physical and emotional development. The harm might last for years, or even their entire lives.

But all this somehow isn’t enough. Now, the Biden regime is obsessed with jabbing toddlers with the Pfizer and Moderna shots: Shots that we already know have severe side effects and don’t work. And that’s with adults, who really don’t have to worry Covid, either. With children, every single factor is worse: Let’s play along with the lie about these shots actually being “vaccines”, and pretend we live in a country with an honest media and a medical system that actually cares about health. The shots work even less (even according to Pfizer’s own data). The disease the shots “protect” against isn’t a threat. And on top of all that, the side effects of the shot appear to be worse for children than adults.

Now, we have another terrifying claim about what is happening. Mick Haddock is a salesman at Casket Depot, a company by his uncle 37 years ago and now run by his cousin.  Recently, Mick put out a tweet saying that for the first time he can remember, they’ve been receiving bulk orders for child-sized caskets.  Mick Haddock joins us.

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