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The following quotes are of Charlie Kirk while being interviewed by Tucker Carlson regarding his new book called The College Scam: How America’s Universities are bankrupting and brainwashing away the future of America’s Youth. — In addition to quoting Kirk, I have provided related graphs and visuals.


Charlie highlights the 40% of students who drop out of college every year in the US — as 30% of students drop out in the first year.

“So most people don’t know that 40% of people that enroll in four-year college will not graduate; they will drop out. So I said, Hey, Tucker, let’s go get a meal at a restaurant; by the way, you have a 40% chance of getting food poisoning. Wait a second, how’s that restaurant still in business?”

Image Credit: Think Impact


And then on top of that, if you graduate from college, that means if you get through that first 40%, you’re part of the 60%, another 40% ended up getting a job that does not require a college degree.


Why do we send our kids to college? Why do we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a useless degree? Why do we let our children get indoctrinated by those who fundamentally disagree with America’s greatness? — The College Scam book will address all these questions.

I’ve lived it. I didn’t go to college myself. And it took me about three years to put this book together through some very intense research. There’s over 35 pages of footnotes at the end of the book. And one of the reasons I took so much time, Tucker, is that not every conservative agrees with me.

Image Credit: 45 Books


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55% of college students struggle to find financial support for their studies. Consequently, 51% of college dropouts drop out because of a lack of money.

I argue in the book that most conservative parents should think twice or three times before sending your kid to a college that does not share your values will not have the type of financial implications you might think it will. And then also, I believe, is making the country less free.

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… there is an element that a lot of people in upper-middle-class suburban society, they are afraid of the social implications of being judged by neighbors and relatives if their kid does not go to a state school or to an upper east, you know, really good school in the northeast, no one wants to admit to their neighbors that their kid is working construction, becoming a carpenter, a welder or a mechanic.

Image Credit: Statista

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I’m trying to destigmatize this idea that kids don’t go to college, and somehow they’re treated in the lower rungs of society. In fact, I believe it’s far more important we teach our kids strong values than just getting a piece of paper from the college.

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