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Child Groomer Employed As A Teacher Admits To Grooming Kids At Summer School In Viral Video

HAMPTON, VA – An “openly queer” elementary school teacher reportedly out of the Hampton area of Virginia posted a video to social media where she boasted about using various dog whistles to spark conversations with young students in order to help them socially transition into queer/non-binary identities [1].

The Twitter account Libs of TikTok helped draw attention to this elementary school teacher who goes by the name of Brianna Rose Boatz earlier in July, sharing the aforementioned video where Rose discussed how she conducts herself in the classroom while amongst her impressionable students.

“I am an openly queer teacher. Now, I don’t stand in front of my elementary students and be like, ‘I like women,’ but I wear a bi flag watchband, bi flag bracelet – in my classroom I keep a rainbow flag, it’s got Mickey Mouse on it because I love Mickey. But its got a rainbow, my kids know what it means. This is me telling them I am a safe place to talk without making a big deal out of being queer.”

Boatz proclaimed that by utilizing the abovementioned dog whistles, she claimed to have fielded various requests from her allegedly “queer students,” which would be between the ages of eight and 10 years old based upon the grades she admittedly teaches, regarding the use of neo-pronouns and outright adoption of new names non-reflective of their biological sex.

“So because I am openly queer, my students trust me – especially my queer students. I teach fifth grade this next school year; I’ve been teaching fourth grade for the last four years. Anyway, right now I’m teaching summer school and I have third graders. Like I said, I wear these bracelets to let them know I’m a safe space. Two students – two third grade students – came to me and asked me to use ‘they/them’ pronouns, and also asked me if I could tell other teachers this. I said, ‘Kiddos, I would love to do that for you, I’m so glad that you trusted me with this information.’ One student in particular also asked to use a different name, one that is not gendered as what they were born as.”

This teacher then went on to express a degree of shock that when she attempted to compel her colleagues to participate in the pronoun/name change shenanigans, she was apparently “scolded” by staff members.

“So I gave this information to the other teachers and then got scolded because that was not appropriate for me to communicate, at least not in the form of communication that I used.”

But Boatz’s frustrations didn’t end with the scolding she’d received, as she bemoaned that her colleagues aren’t actively participating in the grooming that she’s currently engaged in.

“And I hear today, after I had already communicated this with them multiple times, these teachers are still misgendering these students and still using the wrong name for the one who asked for a different name. I don’t care what you believe, but when you refuse to respect a queer child’s request for pronoun and name changes, you are hurting them.”

Following the infamy Boatz  attracted for her rant on social media, she promptly locked her personal TikTok account, however several other social media pages belonging to Rose were still public at the time of this writing.

While not specifically naming the school she’s employed at, based upon her YouTube [2], personal Twitter [3], and Instagram [4] account, she’s clearly a teacher based out of the Hampton area.

YouTube account bio for Brianna Rose
Twitter account bio for Brianna Rose
Instagram account bio for Brianna Rose

Across all three of Rose’s actively public social media accounts, she frequently makes references to her being a fourth grade teacher. One of her posts on Instagram from June 17th shows her being surrounded by her fourth grade students, captioning the photo with, “Last day of school. 4 years of teaching under my belt. These kids are crazy, but I love them. Can’t wait to have some of them again next year when I teach 5th grade.”

Image Credit: Instagram

After employing some digging, Red Voice Media has confirmed that Boatz is listed as a fourth grade teacher at Albert W. Patrick Elementary School in Hampton, with her photo accompanying her name on the school’s faculty page [5].

Albert W. Patrick Elementary School faculty page

Considering Boatz’s employment at said school is not yet widely known with respect to the outrage her online comments have garnered, the school has not rendered any official statement on the practices of this teacher.