WASHINGTON, DC – On July 28th, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matt Olsen spoke before the House Judiciary Committee, where he seemingly revealed that there may be an “ongoing investigation” into Hunter Biden.

The stunning admission came while Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was questioning Olsen, with Rep. Gaetz pointedly asking upfront, “Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?”

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Considering that Olsen serves as the assistant attorney general for the National Security Division of the Justice Department, Olsen would certainly seem to be the person who could deliver the most accurate answer. However, Olsen replied, “That’s not a question that would come before me, Congressman.”

This reality wasn’t lost on Rep. Gaetz, who quickly fired back with, “You’re the head of the National Security Division, so it seems sort of on the nose.”

Olsen continued to deflect from the line of questioning, claiming that it is not within his wheelhouse to “label any individual – an American citizen or any individual – as a national security threat.”

In response, Rep. Gaetz attempted to have Olsen at least agree to the concept that if the president’s “adult offspring” were in any way “compromised,” then that would at least serve as a threat to national security.

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“Well, you would certainly concede that if the adult offspring of the president of the United States or the vice president were compromised, that would be a national security threat, right?”

Olsen continued to distance himself from the line of questioning, claiming that the Justice Department only speaks through their “filings in court” and their “actions in open court.”

The Republican congressman seemingly grew tired of the linguistic run-around he was getting from Olsen, firing off another direct question with, “Well, speak to this, where’s the laptop? Do you know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is?”

It was at this point that Olsen let the proverbial cat out of the bag, revealing that the Justice Department may be looking into Hunter Biden when responding with, “Again, I’m not going to talk about any potential ongoing investigation. As I sit here.”

But when Rep. Gaetz pressed further about whether Olsen was aware of the whereabouts of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, Olsen reiterated the aforementioned about remaining tight-lipped – but in this instance, he didn’t preface the word “investigation” with “potential.”

“I’m not going to talk about any ongoing investigation.”

The Florida congressman pointed out that while Olsen and the Justice Department can’t seem to keep track of or even speak out about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, numerous others who’ve had access have thankfully been able to expose the overwhelming evidence of corruption within the Biden family.

Furthermore, Rep. Gaetz presented his own theory as to why the Biden Justice Department is maintaining this order of silence on the Hunter Biden laptop.

“By the way, I already know why – you know why you don’t speak about it? Because it’s about Hunter Biden. You guys have no problem speaking about other stuff. Like, you’ve got no problem going out and tagging parents at school board meetings as a national security threat, but when all of the facts and all of the law are before you regarding the corruption of Hunter Biden, you don’t want to speak to that at all.”

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