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Dominion Machines Exposed In Colorado – Behizy [VIDEO]

“It’s not every day you see a 55% adjudication rate from a logic & accuracy test, but Dominion sets new records for corruption, so we shouldn’t be surprised.” – Behizy Hub [1]

“Just left the Clerk’s office with a lot of interesting new thoughts. Peter Lupia (clerk candidate) explained why the adjudication was so high. Apparently, half of the ballots being tested were blank, and the Secretary of State changed the criteria for how the machines were configured during logic and accuracy tests

That is possibly one of the craziest things ever. First, blank ballots just shouldn’t count. They shouldn’t be sent to adjudication. Second, if you’re trying to prove to us that our votes counted in the primary, why not keep the machines configured the same way? Furthermore, if your goal is to prove the accuracy of the machines, then count votes by hand and then do a machine count and compare the two

Too much common sense for these people” – Behizy [2]

“The election integrity battle is in my backyard. Here are the facts on what is taking place in the El Paso County, Colorado recount.” – Behizy [2]

“Just left the clerk’s office. From what I’m understanding, a lot of those ballots were blank in the parameters for the machines to consider something into adjudication were actually broadened. So they expanded the parameters. So that meant more ballots were going into adjudication. If ballots had more than one candidate voted on when it was supposed to be just one, it would kick it off to adjudication. I don’t know why you’d be trying to prove to me that the machines work by testing blank ballots. That doesn’t really make any sense. But I guess that’s just how it works.” – George [3]

“In the clerk’s parking lot was a news van, a local news channel actually covering the recount, probably to say something along the lines of Nothing to see here. To be fair, the fat cameraman that had a gay voice, probably has monkeypox, was very nice to me.” – George [3]

“If the logic and accuracy test is supposed to prove to me that these machines are competent enough to run an election, why would you switch the configuration, keep the configuration the same, make the test ballots make sense, and then we can have a complete story and real trust in the election.” – George [3]

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