On the July 15th broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News host Carlson claimed that not only Democrats were aware of Joe Biden’s declining cognitive state for years – but that “Dr. Jill” was feeding him a steady diet of pills to keep him propped up along the campaign trail.

During the segment, Carlson brought up former White House medical unit physician Ronny Jackson’s concerns about Biden’s mental state while on the 2020 campaign trail, with Carlson pointing out that Jackson “knows a lot about what it takes to run the country” since he served under three consecutive administrations – Bush, Obama, and Trump.

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Back in February of 2020, Biden was delivering a speech while campaigning for president, telling the crowd, “My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.”

Carlson noted that Jackson had seen this verbal blunder and had raised the proverbial alarm that something wasn’t right with Biden – which said voiced concern had apparently sparked the ire of former President Obama.

“So, Ronny Jackson saw that and then went on Twitter, and he made the obvious point. Joe Biden, before this goes any further, should undergo a cognitive examination. The country deserves that. Well, within 20 minutes, Jackson recalls in his new memoir, Barack Obama sent him an email, a characteristically sneering one, and we’re quoting, ‘I have to express my disappointment at the cheap shot you took at Joe Biden via Twitter,’ Obama said. ‘It was unprofessional. I expect better.'”

The Fox News host said that when Obama sent that scathing email to Jackson, it “wasn’t just Obama speaking: That was the uniform command of the people who run the Democratic Party throughout the 2020 campaign,” with Carlson paraphrasing, “Do not notice what Joe Biden is actually like. If you see him on television, turn away because you might conclude he is fundamentally, physically, and cognitively unfit for office. You can’t say that, and if you do, Barack Obama will scold you personally immediately.”

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But that was back in earlier 2020, and the times and sentiments have changed regarding Biden with his own party. Nowadays, the Democrat establishment is no longer running cover for Biden when it comes to his cognitive health.

“Joe Biden is now the president, and his mental decline is no longer possible to deny, and therefore it’s no longer off limits. Barack Obama isn’t going out and defending Joe Biden’s competence anymore. Everybody watching, everyone in the media, that would include Barack Obama’s former advisers is now in agreement that Joe Biden is senile and cannot govern the United States.”

After playing a series of clips from the likes of former officials and CNN talking heads voicing their concerns over Biden’s mental fitness, Carlson claimed that this was something that the Democrat establishment had known for years in advance and had simply played it off like they weren’t already aware.

Carlson posed the question of how exactly did Biden manage to get through the 2020 campaign while his mental decline flew under the radar for numerous Americans before claiming this feat was accomplished due to Biden being propped up via unknown “pills” to feign a semblance of functional mental acuity along the campaign trail.

“How did he manage to get through the campaign? Well, it turned out, we learned later, that his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance, checking the time in at a certain hour, giving him a dose of something. Now, it’s not a guess. We’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times.”

The source who witnessed the dosing of Biden claimed that prior to him being administered these unknown meds, Biden was “like a small child. You couldn’t communicate with him,” but whatever drugs he was given managed to restore some degree of cognizance.

Carlson admitted that some might get a kick out of Biden appearing to lose his marbles but stated that this is nothing to really celebrate over, considering what this means for the country.

“So, if you don’t like Biden or his agenda, and we certainly don’t, there is a kind of partisan glee you take from this. Look how pathetic he is, but, you know, if you’re an American, there’s no upside. Actually, this is horrible for all of us. It reflects poorly not just on the Democratic Party or Biden himself, but on our country, and it’s happening constantly with increasing frequency.”

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