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FOIA Emails Reveal Canadian Health Officials Had Pre-Knowledge Of Vaxx Effects, Mandated Vaxx Anyway

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A new freedom of information request has come out of Canada. The newly-released emails show that the top health official of British Columbia knew about the harms caused by the Covid vaccines, but shoved them onto the public anyway.

In other news from the once-free nation of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently confirmed that they use spyware to hack into people’s phones and then spy on them, without their knowledge. The RCMP claim they reserve this power only for the most “serious” cases, but nobody is fooled. If you give national police a power that broad, it will be abused constantly. Why wouldn’t they? The only thing stopping them is their own restraint, and just look at what we’ve seen these past two years of Covid. None of these people have any restraint at all.

They think that they are gods, and that they deserve to be gods, with total control over your life. The only way you keep these people in check is with laws, and by enforcing those laws, so that officials who abuse their power go to prison, or better yet, get the death penalty Odessa Orlewicz is reporter with Liberty Talk. She joins us from Canada.

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