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Happy Canada Day to the Freedom Fighters, ‘the Most Courageous and Bravest People of Our Time’ [VIDEO]

German MEP Christine Anderson delivered a message to the Canadian people, saying that she wished she could be there with them, but because of Trudeau’s overreaching vaccine mandates, she “was not allowed to enter your beautiful country because I chose to exercise one of the most fundamental rights of all, I chose to decide what happens with my body. I refused to be injected with an experimental drug, which not only has no benefit whatsoever but has proven to be downright harmful.”

She then went straight after Trudeau, pointing out the hypocrisy of his stance on abortion. “Now, while your Prime Minister embraces the concept of ‘my body, my choice,’ this apparently only applies when it is about killing unborn babies. After Roe vs. Wade [had] been overturned, your Prime Minister invited women of the U.S. to come to Canada to have an abortion. Mr. Trudeau, I’m asking you, does this invitation also apply to unvaccinated women?”

The next part of her speech was the most powerful of all, and the only way to capture its magic is with a direct quote. Watching it is equally as inspiring.

“Unfortunately, your once free country, however, has fallen victim to an unscrupulous globalist elite, who installed a well-trained puppet to harass, criminalize, and terrorize anyone who will not comply with the agenda of the globalists.

And then you, the Canadian truckers, came along and simply said, ‘No. We will not comply.’

And then something happened that is nothing short of a miracle: you organized the protest, which is possibly the biggest protest of our time. The headlights of your trucks became the Light of Hope, which worked its way all throughout the world, touching millions and millions of people [and] inspiring them to stand up and speak out against their governments.

The globalist elites’ attempt to install tyrannical regimes in every single country, you were the ones saying, ‘Not here and not with us.’ And even though you, the Canadian freedom truckers, are subject to political persecution and are labeled terrorists, the day will come when your bravery and your determination to fight for freedom will be recognized, and you will be granted your rightful place in the history books.”

MEP Christine Anderson has repeatedly proven herself to be a freedom warrior and truth-seeker, continually advocating for government by the people for the people. You can follow this inspiring woman on her Telegram channel. [1]

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