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Horrific: “Theragrippers” Synthetic Parasite: Anally Inserted, Man-Made Parasites Grip Intestines

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So here’s something terrifying from the world of medicine. They’re called “theragrippers.” They’re inspired by various parasites that survive by digging their teeth into your intestines. Now, scientists are proudly announcing that they have successfully built their own synthetic versions of those worms. That’s what “theragrippers” are.

They’re tiny star-shaped machines that can be put into your body, where they attach to your intestines just like the worms. The scientists say this is so they can slowly deliver medication to your body, but there are an awful lot of other uses for these machines that we can imagine, and we can also imagine all sorts of ways these can be used without a person’s knowledge or consent.

By the way, guess how these machines are currently put into your body? They do it through a process called “insufflation.” That’s right: They shove these nanobots up your butt. Perhaps that’s the good news: The fact that that’s how they get them in you is probably the only thing keeping them from secretly implanting everybody with these right now. Dr. Jane Ruby joins us to discuss.

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