PHOENIX, AZ – On July 26th, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake took to Twitter to release one of her latest videos discussing the concerning dealings of her primary opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson. Aside from bringing up Robson’s shady campaign donation scheme, Lake also highlighted some private jet flights that could run afoul of Arizona law.

In Lake’s campaign advert, she made reference to reports noting that Robson had been using her family’s private jet for various campaign-related stops, which some legal pundits have suggested could be a violation of Arizona law since the jet is technically owned by an LLC. An LLC is not allowed to make a contribution to a candidate committee.

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Lake used this topic to segue into a previously reported scandal involving Robson, where she used highly misleading text messages to garner donations to her campaign – many of which came via senior citizens oblivious to the fact they were donating to Robson.

“Imagine having the means to call in a private jet so you wouldn’t have to make a 15 or 20-minute drive and then still deciding to dupe senior citizens out of their retirement money in a phony fundraising scheme. That’s my opponent. That’s the type of person we’re up against right now. New reports show that Karen Taylor Robson has routinely taken unreported private flights on her husband’s corporate jets.

“If her billionaire husband has given her a blank check to run for office, and she and her team are jet-setting on private planes, why did Karrin Robson need to trick Americans out of their hard-earned money? Karrin was busted for sending out predatory fundraising text messages, telling senior citizens that they were donating to build the wall or help President Trump get his social media platform up and running, when in fact, these patriotic citizens – thousands upon thousands of them – had their bank accounts drained with monthly donations to crooked Karrin, a woman none of them even know.”

The Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate asserted that law enforcement should open an investigation into Robson’s “unethical” political donation scheme, emphasizing that someone willing to con people out of their hard-earned money in such a fashion has zero business holding public office.

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“Law enforcement should look into her unethical, predatory financing scheme right away. Someone that unethical and cruel should never be allowed in any public office. Our grassroots populist movement rejects that kind of corrupt elitism in politics. Our donors are real. They’re hardworking Arizonans who want real solutions to our problems and a true Trump-Endorsed conservative, and that’s why we are poised for a landslide win.”

Despite Robson’s seemingly endless access to finances, largely due to her billionaire husband who is 34 years older than her, the latest polling data shows that Lake is currently 11 points ahead of her in the primaries.

Although, those polling numbers have drawn some skepticism, with some speculating that Lake potentially has a much larger following than polling data suggests.

As one user on Telegram pointed out, when contrasting Lake and Robson’s following on Truth Social, it shows that Lake has 200,000 followers whereas Robson only has 531.

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