KINGMAN, AZ – Earlier in July, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake called out her primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson during a GOP picnic event over a recently exposed scheme Robson engaged in that tricked voters – many who were elderly – into donating to Robson’s campaign.

On July 15th, numerous state and local Republican party candidates gathered at Hualapai Mountain Park for the 78th Annual Mohave County Central Republican Committee Picnic, which offered a unique opportunity for Republican voters to meet and interact with candidates in a format less rally-like.

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With the primaries in Arizona coming up on August 2nd, Republican candidates have been ardently working to distinguish themselves as the true candidate to represent the party – with Lake being among those pushing hard for the nomination.

While speaking at the Mohave County Central Republican Committee Picnic, Lake confronted Robson over an extremely shady means of fundraising that Robson employed in her campaign – where Robson quite literally used deceptive and misleading methods to trick people into donating to her gubernatorial campaign.

Surprisingly, it was a Democratic operative by the name of Tony Cani who’d initially caught wind Robson’s tactics, which his findings were then reported by AZCentral in April and proved to be a sketchy means to trick Republican voters.

Outside of getting voters roped into continuous payments via pre-checked boxes agreeing to make donations recurring, Robson’s campaign would send out unsolicited text messages invoking things like helping Trump build the wall and other matters completely unrelated to her campaign.

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This tactic wound up adversely impacting elderly voters mostly who were oblivious to the fact they were donating to Robson’s campaign, with many of them not living in Arizona and having zero clue as to who Robson is.

Lake used this scandal to portray Robson as someone who simply cannot be trusted to lead Arizona with integrity.

“I don’t know if my opponent – my RINO opponent – is going to show up. I think she’s here, good. Karrin, where are you? We want answers to why you’re duping thousands of people out of money. It’s wrong. Here’s the sad thing guys, she doesn’t need the money…The sad thing is she’s being funded by a billionaire. She doesn’t need to dupe senior citizens out of their paycheck.

“But she did it to trick people into thinking she has grassroots support. It is unethical and it is outrageous, and I think she should give every single one of them a refund. Everyone deserves a refund, that’s deceptive. Let me tell you real quickly because I don’t have a lot of time, but I had to lay that out because you’ve got to know who is on the ballot. We cannot put an unethical person with no integrity who is trying to buy this election…We can’t put her in the governor’s office.”

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