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Kash Patel drops NUKE on J6 Commission – Reveals Evidence that will Exonerate Trump [VIDEO]

Kash Patel joins The Benny Show for an EXCLUSIVE Interview on the clown show January 6th Committee hearings and reveals evidence EXONERATING Donald Trump.

“Happy Fourth of July weekend. We thought we’d give you a patriotic booster shot. Not those kinds of booster shots. Real booster shot red, white, and blue patriotism, and on this program, we will be joined by the one and only the MAGA OG Kash Patel, who knows where the bodies are buried and knows who put them there. The man the myth and the legend, ladies and gentlemen, he is going to fully discredit and destroy the January 6th Committee on this program.

You do not want to miss it. And the information that he brings to bear is possibly the most important revelations that I have heard thus far about the absolutely unconstitutional and egregious, rotted corpse of the January 6th Commission. Do we live in a Stalinist Soviet America? Possibly, and that’s why we must continue the fight.” – Benny Johnson

“So look as Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense. It’s the largest company on planet earth. It’s the only no-fail mission on God’s green earth. And with 3 million employees, you kind of get in the habit of serving the mission and doing it right and doing it truthfully, and when you interact with individuals like Bobby Engel and Tony Arenado, who are career Secret Service agents that I served with that, I must have done at least 40 trips with President Trump when they were serving as his body men as his security heads. And by the way, these guys were in the military before that. For them, who are still serving as Secret Service agents, to come out and say, Cassidy Hutchinson was not in the limo. She was nowhere around the limo. She was a junior staffer. She didn’t hear us say anything because she couldn’t be in earshot of it. She would never be because of the security composture. And I put my faith in those two individuals. And here’s the thing that I sort of seal it on. These guys actually testified before the January 6 committee months ago. Bobby And Tony. Shocking. The committee didn’t ask him these questions about this revelatory testimony from Cassidy Hutchins when they testified.

And on top of that, the secret Service came out when they almost never do in the Biden administration and said, What Cassidy Hutchinson said was absolutely false. That should tell you everything you need to know. You don’t need to attack Cassidy Hutchinson. She’s probably a 26-year-old staff or junior staffer who was scared out of her mind and got promised a book deal. You know, whatever publishing house and a CNN lobbying job or whatever they pay these people nowadays. And she went out there and lied in the mainstream media, carried their water for it. I believe she lied. And so that’s it. That’s the bottom line. Two Secret Service guys, Jr. White House staffer. Oh, and lets you know, if we want, we can get into the immutable laws of physics, that unless President Trump is Stretch Armstrong with a rocket-propelled grenade on his shoulder, he’s not getting to the steering wheel of The Beast.” – Kash Patel