Tucker Carlson says, “normally, the NBA encourages political messages. They even wrote BLM on the court but criticizing China is absolutely unacceptable to the sleazeballs who run the NBA.”

He then shares exclusive recordings proving what’s going on. Check it out:

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“I got off the phone with the general counsel of the NBA, and he wants to now have a conversation about their concern right now is not so much what you are saying off the court, but what it is that you’re saying on the court when you step onto the court.” Ron Klempner, NBA General Council

“China’s taken a very aggressive stance, which is “hey if you want to bitch about us, you’re out,” Right? Which is I get it. There’s nothing… It’s Business. So their view is, look, you want to be in our country, you wanna do things, If you’re going to complain about us, you’re not allowed. So What happens for the NBA is the NBA’s in a box.” – Marc Lasry, Milwaukee Bucks Owner

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“You’re not breaking any rule in terms of the shoes… There’s no rule I’m aware of that you’re violating now, to me, you know, I think it’s also look at the end of the day, we’re also a business.” – Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner

Tucker then brought on Enes Kanter Freedom, who has a problem with all of this…

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“… this is the evidence of how 100% American-made company is run by the Chinese dictatorship, and wake up America. This is the league that you have been supporting and watching it; enough is enough. And this is unacceptable. They are mad because, finally, someone from the inside that played eleven years in this league has finally exposed them. And I’m saying it again. Enough is enough. Stop bowing down to dictatorships.” – Enes Kanter Freedom, Former NBA Player


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