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Bryson Gray is the most banned and most censored rapper in the United States in America. He’s charted on Billboard twenty-five times.  Now, you might hear the word “rapper” and think he’s banned for having explicit lyrics, or promoting violence, or producing offensive music videos, or being a criminal. But you’d be wrong. This isn’t the America of thirty or fifty or a hundred years ago, where if we bothered censoring people, it was at least to protect the public from disgusting or satanic garbage.

No, today we encourage those things. NPR named Cardi B’s “WAP” as song of the year, and if you don’t know what “WAP” means, don’t look it up. It’s repulsive.  So no, Bryson Gray isn’t censored for anything disgusting. He’s censored because he is a proud Christian rapper and political conservative. Last year his song “Let’s Go Brandon” was suppressed for spreading, quote, “medical misinformation.” That “misinformation,” by the way, was a quote directly from Joe Biden about the effectiveness of the vaccines he wants everybody to take.

Bryson just put out another song called “Pride Month.” This song has no swearing, no vulgarity, no sexual content. He doesn’t rap about raping women or murdering people, like plenty of “mainstream” artists do.  What “Pride Month” has is a genuine Christian message. It says that pride is a deadly sin, and dedicating a whole month to a sin is demonic. It says that transgenderism is unnatural and clearly linked to pedophilia. It says that fake “Christians” who decorate their churches with pride flags are defiling the Gospel and putting themselves straight on the path to Hell.

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So thanks to all that, Bryson’s new song has been banned from Spotify. Now, he’s planning a possible lawsuit against Spotify to get his song back on the platform. But for the time being, you can still find it on YouTube.

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