Meghan McCain, former co-host of “The View” and the daughter of late Senator John McCain, called Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake a “bitch” in a since-deleted post to Twitter, with said post being among a flurry of seemingly unhinged attacks lodged against the rising Republican star.

McCain’s bizarre online rantings occurred on the evening of July 13th, with the string of offensive writings initially being in response to an online exchange between Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and Lake, where Sen. Rogers suggested that Lake adopt the nickname “Maverick” while tagging McCain in the post.

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“If I were [Kari Lake] I would just start using the term Maverick even though it was the name of the venue.”

Lake responded to Sen. Rogers’ post, acknowledging the tagging of McCain with, “I’d hate to hurt Meg’s feelings. Someone called me ‘MAGA QUEEN’ While I love that, it probably belongs to Melania!”

For the sake of context, the obvious reason as to why Sen. Rogers tagged McCain in said Twitter post, as well as Lake mentioning her name in the initial response, is due to McCain’s later father having been dubbed by the media as “Maverick” for the numerous times he broke away from the Republican party.

This reference to McCain’s late father was obviously not lost on the former daytime television personality, with McCain first taking aim at Lake with, tweeting, “You hags deserve each other.” Shortly thereafter, McCain then took aim at Sen. Rogers, responding to her with, “Well this is the kind of hard hitting politics everyone expects from you and Kari… Both of you dried up qanon husks stay the hell away from me.”

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

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Things then ventured further into unhinged territory with McCain, with her writing in a now-deleted Twitter post, “If Kari Lake hates my dad so much, why did the bitch steal my dads nickname?”

Image Credit: Twitter

The Arizona gubernatorial candidate shot back at McCain, calling her out for the tasteless remarks while pointing out the tirade comes in tandem with Democrat super PACs trying to derail her campaign for governor.

Within 24 hours, [Meghan McCain] publicly calls [me] a ‘b*tch’ and a ‘hag’ All the while, a [Hillary Clinton] Super PAC launches MILLIONS against [me]. Make sense yet? The Establishment on BOTH SIDES is terrified. Let’s prove them right.”

Seemingly unable to smooth things over, McCain responded to being called out by Lake, replying with, “Yeah and I’d do it again – you absolute side show freak. Wanna keep going?”

Image Credit: Twitter

Clearly, Lake had gotten under McCain’s skin by merely calling her out over her profane online rantings, as McCain responded again to the same exact Twitter post from Lake, writing, “Also save the pious bs – you invoke my dead father for clicks and qanon clout. You maxed out to Obama, twice and are a fake snake oil salesman acting out a role. No conservative on the planet would be dumb enough to believe you’re authentic FAKE LAKE.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Lake threw another shot that would peeve McCain into another angered response, with Lake writing, “First you call me a b**ch, now you call me a hag? You’re really doing wonders for your family’s image, Meg. Poor Meg, too terribly sad because her book launch was such a fail: Boost her broken ego by being one of the very few to buy it: Bad Republican.”

McCain responded with, “I will call you anything you want – keep talking about my dead father, lunatic. I have HAD IT. This is what Arizona wants in a governor? Someone fighting with a former beloved senators family members on social media for clicks? The state has real problems.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Whether McCain likes it or not, Lake is currently leading the polls in the Republican primary out of Arizona.

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