“Wisconsin is leading the way as it relates to decertification. The momentum is growing. This show will be showered with many updates.” – Behizy Hub

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“The midterms, the famous midterms, I read a poll, which obviously, I’m going to tell you how rigged the midterms are going to be. So I read a poll. And now, I’m going to share the poll with you about the midterms. And really, I saw some really good news before we went live, some amazing news from the state of New Mexico. And I don’t know if you know this, but over the last month, I have been rampant with the coverage, like the election fraud rampant. I have been rampant with the news in New Mexico, and there’s some more developments out of New Mexico. A federal ruling yesterday, which set a very good precedent. Judges are finally making good decisions. Let’s pray for more judges to do that. Obviously, we know the thing going on in Arizona with the machine decision the judges yet to make a decision but an Obama judge giving the plaintiffs the time of day in court, something I never hear about. Usually, they dismissed the case on standing. But so far, so good. So far, so good.” – George

Sources referenced by George in the video above:

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