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MTG Responds to Georgia Guidestones Collapse, and the Drugging of Mass Shooters [VIDEO]

“Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene [1] joins The Alex Jones Show [2] to respond to the collapse of the Georgia Guidestones and the drug problems of mass shooters.” – The Alex Jones Show [2]

“These Georgia Guidestones, they really are a monument for the future. And it’s the future that people do not want. People don’t want population control. That’s something that the hard left talk about that is terrifying, actually. Why would anyone want population control? We want people to continue to have families and be able to grow and thrive and feed their families. So it’s interesting, but they have GBI has an investigation going on, and I look forward to hearing what exactly happened.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene [3]

UPDATE: Georgia Guidestones Completely Leveled Less Than 24 Hours After Explosion [VIDEOS] [4]

“I think the July 4th tragedy was-is heartbreaking. Imagine Alex that there was an entire month of pride parades and festivals and drag queen’s storytimes. And you didn’t see Christian nationalists going in and shooting up these parades. But you know, the left was already preaching their F the fourth with their hashtags and terrible language against our Independence Day on July 4th. But here we had a young man come out dressed as a woman, imagine that, that decided to do just an act of evil and a mass shooting. And this guy Bobby Crimo. He’s the worst of the worst. And so what I’ve been demanding, and I started demanding it immediately, is release his records. He doesn’t get a right to privacy anymore. We should know exactly everything about him. We should know his school records, his arrest record, hospitalization records. We should know what drugs he was on, recreational drugs. We should also know what prescription drugs he was on, like SSRIs. You can see this guy was clearly messed up at five foot 11 and 120 pounds, according to what the police put out when they were looking for him. He is not the picture of health. He’s obviously been on a lot of drugs, and I would bet money that SSRIs are in his history. And those drugs right there and Tucker Carlson talked about it last night too, and of course, the left is losing their mind” – Marjorie Taylor Greene [5]

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