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Before 9/11, the deadliest air disaster in the New York City area was TWA Flight 800. Flight 800 was a 747 flying from New York City to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. But after just a few miles in the air, Flight 800 exploded without warning. Every one of its 230 passengers and crew perished. At the time, this was huge news, understandably, and it was one of the first news stories to be part of the modern 24-hour news cycle. CNN was still in its infancy then, and their daily viewership quadrupled. The U.S. Navy’s website about the rescue effort updated throughout the day, which was unheard of for a government website back then.

Yet today, in the wake of 9/11, this crash is nearly forgotten. So – is that organic loss of interest, or do people want us to forget about the whole thing? Because you see, from the beginning, and ever since, the mystery has lingered about how, exactly, Flight 800 went down. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated Flight 800’s crash for four years. It was the largest and most expensive crash investigation in U.S. history. And after four years, the NTSB concluded that, somehow, the fuel-air mixture in the plane’s fuel tank ignited and blew up, destroying the plane.

But even the NTSB could only guess at how this explosion happened, and many people have been skeptical of the official story ever since. On-the-ground eyewitnesses to the disaster have testified that they saw a trail of fire moving upward, suggesting a missile, as well as a sudden and dramatic explosion, suggesting some sort of bomb went off. The FBI also interviewed many eyewitnesses to the disaster, and even though these interviews ought to be the sort of thing that is entirely public, instead, these interviews are massively redacted to this day.

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So, if a missile might have taken down TWA 800, why wouldn’t the NTSB want to publicize that? William Teele the Third served in the Navy from 1994 to 2004, and was a personal eyewitness to the TWA 800 crash, aboard the USS Carr, a U.S. Navy frigate then based out of Norfolk, Virginia. William says that he believes TWA 800 was shot down by another ship NEXT to the USS Carr, but the ship’s crew were ordered to delete or falsify their records. Teele has been trying to tell his story since 2013, and he’s been repeatedly threatened that if he says too much people will ruin his life. But William refuses to be silenced. He joins us now.

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