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Pfizer Could Now Be Open For Lawsuits As New Study Reveals Jabbed Could Have Altered DNA Forever [VIDEO]

In a roundtable discussion featuring the likes of doctors Peter McCullough and Richard Bartlett, a study coming out of Sweden was discussed that revealed the COVID shots from Pfizer have the propensity to modify human DNA [1].

The study [2] in question was conducted by the Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University, where the authors “investigated the effect of BNT162b2 on the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro.”

According to the results of the study, during which the tests were run in a petri dish and not inside of a living human body, the DNA contained within the human liver could change within hours of exposure to the Pfizer jab.

“Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution. We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as six h upon BNT162b2 exposure.”

Doctors Peter McCullough and Richard Bartlett were among a panel of guests who appeared on the program “Joni Table Talk,” where show host Joni Lamb asks Dr. McCullough, “Tell us a little bit about the study that just came out of Sweden that is just so alarming.”

Dr. McCullough broke down the findings of the study, saying, “The news is buzzing out of Lund University – Malmö, Sweden – Markus Aldén is the first author, the first demonstration in a human hepatic, or liver cell line, that the Pfizer vaccine in fact reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome.”

Lamb, wanting to understand the findings of the study in the most simplistic terms, turned her attention to Dr. Bartlett, asking, “And so, in simple terms, what does that mean, Dr. Bartlett?”

Dr. Bartlett, who has been among the handful of medical professionals expressing worries over the rushed COVID shots, explained the findings in more digestible terms – saying that the study shows that in a laboratory setting, these Pfizer shots are changing human DNA.

But what Dr. Bartlett particularly emphasized when delivering the broken-down synopsis of the study’s findings is that what the study revealed runs contrary to what the CDC has been proclaiming about these shots.

“So basically, there’s an enzyme that can take that messenger RNA vaccine information and put it into the DNA of the person – into their DNA. And we were told that could not happen. So this is in a lab, but it’s showing that the DNA – you remember, the vaccine is messenger RNA – and we were told that that messenger RNA could not go into your DNA. But this is showing that in a lab, it can.”

The CDC currently maintains a webpage about the “myths & facts [3]” of COVID shots, where the entity alleges as a fact that “COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.”