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Predators In Leadership: “Inclusive” Pastors Subvert Christianity, Promote Pedophilia

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Natalie Carey is an independent journalist based in Los Angeles, California. No shortage of things to report on there, you can be sure.  This past month Natalie scoped out the LA pride parade, where she predictably saw huge amounts of graphic sexual material proudly displayed in front of children: Stuffed penises (like stuffed animals, but in the shape of genitalia), men with fully exposed buttocks, and a lot more.

Natalie decided to interview some adults to see what they thought, and most of them were proud to see kids at the event.  But the most disturbing answer of all came from a schoolteacher, who acted shocked that Natalie would even question the idea of bringing children to a sexually explicit gay pride event. Oh, and for good measure, Natalie also found a male “pastor” married to another male “pastor,” both of them at an “inclusive” church in Los Angeles.  Natalie Carey saw all that and a lot more. She joins us now to discuss.

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