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Pro Death-Abortion Cult Lunatics Embarrass Their Cause, Pour Fake Blood On L.A. City Hall Steps [VIDEO]

LOS ANGELES, CA – A group of pro-abortion activists held a nauseating demonstration [1] outside of Los Angeles City Hall this week, dousing the City Hall steps in fake blood and chaining themselves to the building in protest regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Four women associated with the group “Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights” held a demonstration outside Los Angeles City Hall on July 6th, complete with copious amounts of fake blood which they used to douse the crotch of their pants as well as the steps of City Hall.

One of the women from the group addressed spectators, demanding that people engage in “mass, sustained, non-violent protest” to call for “nationwide, legal abortion.”

“For everybody who is watching this right now: This is a call to action. The lives and futures of millions of women and girls are on the line. The overturning of the legal right to abortion is an atrocity. When abortion is illegal, women die. When abortion is illegal, women’s wombs are turned into crime scenes.

“The illegitimate overturning of abortion rights must not stand. Now is the time to speak and act. Now is the time, if you have a choice, if you have a voice, to act now. We demand that the federal government restore nationwide, legal abortion now. Get into the streets in mass, sustained, non-violent protest. There is no neutral. Rise up for abortion rights now.”

It likely goes without saying, but California is arguably one of the most abortion-friendly states throughout the entire country, one where there is literally zero risk of abortion being upended – yet, for whatever reason, the group saw fit to protest in Los Angeles.

The four faux-blood-drenched pro-abortion activists were eventually detained by police for the stunt but later released. It’s unclear whether the four participants are facing any charges or civil fines based on the obvious vandalism that accompanied their demonstration.

“Rise 4 Abortion Rights” is among one of the more controversial sects within the pro-abortion movement, as they’re not even attempting to employ the bad-faith arguments about acts of physical health of the mother, rape, or incest when claiming that abortion should be a right.

Rather, as they clearly point out on their official Twitter account, the group advocates for “abortion on demand and without apology.”

Image Credit: Twitter

As crazy as it sounds, the tactics employed by “Rise 4 Abortion Rights” has resulted in other pro-abortion groups/movements wanting to distance themselves from the outfit’s shock-tactics.

An Instagram post [2] from “NYC for Abortion Rights” featured a statement on June 25th alleging that “a coalition of grassroots pro-abortion organizers publicly denounce Rise Up for Abortion Rights.”

“NYC for Abortion Rights” decried the group’s “theatrical tactics” that consist of “the wearing of white pants painted with fake blood, die-ins, and coat-hanger imagery,” adding that the group “is a cult and pyramid scheme” that “is an offshoot of the RevCom (Revolutionary Communist Party).”