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Kandiss Taylor ran for governor of Georgia on a platform of protecting Christianity, gun rights, and the unborn. The Georgia establishment may have succeeded in scuttling Kandiss’s campaign by keeping her out of debates and out of the public eye, but in the weeks since the primary election we have won victory after victory on the key issues Kandiss ran on.

The Supreme Court gave us huge wins on prayer in schools and the right to carry a gun, and most importantly, they overturned Roe versus Wade and cleansed America of the taint that hung over us for half a century. The court deserves credit for those decisions, but so does Kandiss Taylor: It’s people like her, who have been fighting non-stop for decades, who made those Supreme Court victories possible.

Kandiss ran on another issue, this one peculiar to Georgia: She promised to do everything in her power to destroy the Georgia Guidestones. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, the Georgia Guidestones are a Stonehenge-like monument put up in rural Georgia. Nobody knows who paid for them. The man who financed their construction used the pseudonym “Robert Christian,” but there is nothing Christian about the Guidestones. Instead, they have a Satanic and globalist agenda: They call for limiting the Earth’s population at 500 million (that would require killing off more than 90% of the planet, by the way). They call for making all the earth’s countries subservient to a world court. They call for eugenics, and for compelling the whole world to speak a new, shared language.

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In short, what they call for is evil, and if we’re going to be ripping down statues and war memorials all over this country then we could at least take something as demonic as the Georgia guidestones down as well. That’s what Kandiss promised if she became governor. Well, as it happens, the other day, the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed in some kind of blast. One of the tablets with the “commandments” on them smashed to pieces, and the rest of the Guidestones were deemed a safety hazard and demolished by the state.

Now, police and the media are claiming the Guidestones were destroyed in a ‘bombing.” But there’s video of the Guidestones being destroyed, and the most likely explanation isn’t a bomb. It’s a lightning strike. There’s a streetlight immediately next to the guidestones, and at the exact moment they are destroyed the light brightens immensely, just like you’d expect if there was an electrical surge. So the most likely case isn’t a bombing, which so far authorities have released no evidence of. The most likely explanation is lightning, which would also make perfect sense because it is entirely appropriate for God to personally destroy the Georgia Guidestones.

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Here’s who we definitely know didn’t destroy them: Kandiss Taylor. She’s not a terrorist. She’s not a member of antifa. She doesn’t go blowing things up illegally when she doesn’t get her way. She was far away from the Guidestones when this all happened and that’s easily proven. But right now, everybody in the press is treating Kandiss like a de facto terrorist. Fox News ran multiple segments trashing her. On Greg Gutfeld’s show, some professional wrestler named Tyrus just babbled that Kandiss “1,000 percent” did it.

Richard Eldredge, a journalist, went on a deranged Facebook screed demanding that Kandiss turn herself in to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for questioning. Although frankly, if we’re demanding that people turn themselves in for crimes just based on suspicion without evidence, it’d be nice of Mr. Eldredge to turn himself in for questioning on child pornography, just going off his Facebook photo.

So let’s be clear on two things: First, Kandiss Taylor didn’t break the law, but second, the destruction of these guidestones was indisputably a good thing. Period. Not a single one of these journalist parasites mourned over Southern war monuments getting ripped down by mobs. None of them protested over graves getting desecrated. But when God or one of his followers goes after a Satanic edifice, it’s the end of the world. Kandiss Taylor joins us.

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