Josh Sigurdson reports on the replacement of the food supply with bugs and bioweapons as the globalists worldwide purposely shut down the supply chain in order to bring in the Great Reset agenda.

This is so obvious at this point…

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In Canada, the government is putting $8.5 million into bug farms and factories to replace the food they’re purposely attempting to stop the flow of.

Meanwhile, many labs are trying to create mRNA-induced fruits and vegetables.

All the while, Bill Gates is buying up more land around the same areas as the Chinese government and Amazon while promoting the bug-eating and sewage-drinking agenda.

70,000 trucks are at risk of being taken off the road in California in the middle of this planned crisis, and in the Netherlands, farmers continue to protest as the government tries to rid the country of 1/3 of all farms.

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In Europe, the continent faces a “doomsday” on July 22nd as the Russian government cuts them off gas.

This is only the beginning. This anti-human agenda will only get crazier. Prepare now!” – World Alternative Media

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