PORTLAND, OR – An argument between two motorists took a heated turn when a self-identified Native American man began calling a clearly liberal white woman a “colonizer,” pulling the race card in response to the woman’s complaint on how the man was allegedly recklessly driving.

In recent years, there’s been a sort of adage floating about that goes along the lines of “the left eventually eats itself.”

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The general meaning behind the phrase outlines how the far-left bears an ever-increasing set of what one might call “purity tests” that often coincide with identity group-based victim hierarchies that can alienate people who were once considered allies.

Basically, the test for what is truly left becomes more and more extreme, thereby devouring people and/or groups it once held up.

A prime example of such an occurrence took place on the streets of Portland, Oregon, where a liberal white woman called out a Native American man for some bad driving – and then was immediately accosted by the Native American man because she is a “white lady” and a “fucking colonizer.”

While the original traffic incident wasn’t caught on camera, it can be determined based upon the context of the conversation that the woman was aggrieved due to the man allegedly cutting her off in traffic.

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The self-identified Native American man approached the person filming the dispute (who wasn’t involved in the matter) from their vehicle, saying, “I don’t have time to waste on colonizers…she told me to go back from where I came from. Do you see that?”

In response, the woman tells the man, “We don’t drive this way in Oregon. We’re fucking kind and we make space. And as someone who is from here as well, I’m so tired of people driving like you just did.”

The Native American man disregarded the woman’s complaint, telling her to get out of his face. However, the woman was clearly upset over him attempting to make the matter about race, saying, “Admit you’re fucking wrong and it’s not a race thing.”

Well, that plea for sensibility didn’t exactly work, as the angered man responded with, “Admit you’re white. Admit you have a colonizer mindset.”

This managed to spin the dispute further from the originating incident, as the liberal woman tried pleading with the man to not make the thing about race – while also voicing her alliance with his voiced frustrations of being a Native American today.

Again, it was a swing and a miss, as the Native American man continued on his shouting diatribe about how he was faced with an evil white “colonizer.”

“Shut up, it’s not on me to change, it’s on you and your colonizer mindset! So get the fuck out of my face, now! You white lady! You white lady…Alright, get out of my face! Because I’m done with this conversation! You fucking colonizer!”

The left truly does eat itself.

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