Josh Sigurdson reports on the historic implanting of robot brain interfaces in Australia as company ‘Synchron’ is approved by the FDA.

This interface can control their digital devices with their “minds” and allegedly cure neurological problems.

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Meanwhile, Neuralink is being fast-tracked, and all while Xenobots went viral as a group last year managed to develop self-replicating robots that can essentially mate and reproduce. They’re so small that they can be injected into a human.

Also, as we’ve reported, Johns Hopkins is creating “Theragrippers,” which are robots based on parasites that can remotely release “medicine” into the body by clinging to the lining of a stomach or colon.

Also, mRNA fruits and vegetables are being developed.

So basically, they can destroy the supply chain in the Great Reset, ration our foods, feed us poisonous technology and connect us via brain interface to our social credit score and carbon credit score.

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