Following a handful of interviews where Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made references to people embracing “American nationalism” and “Christian nationalism,” the leftists on Twitter put in some overtime on the platform to have the phrase “She is a Nazi” reach trending level this week.

For those not hip to the Twittersphere and some of the features on the platform, the social media company presents users navigating the search function with what is actively “trending” on the platform – whether they be general news stories or specific/unique phrases being mentioned by users on the platform.

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Rep. Greene had managed to spark a Twitter-trending phrase of “She is a Nazi” after videos of her mentioning “American nationalism” and “Christian nationalism” were erroneously conflated with some kind of endorsement or tacit approval of Nazism, which is not of course, either American or Christian nationalism.

One such instance of Rep. Greene making reference to the aforementioned occurred during an interview with Next News Network while she was attending the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tamp, Florida.

While speaking with reporter Tayler Hansen, Rep. Greene stated that the Republican party should be looking to embrace Christian nationalist ideals, saying, “We need to be the party of nationalism, and I’m a Christian, and I say it proudly, we should be Christian nationalists.”

On a July 18th appearance on the podcast “In The Litterbox with Jewels and Catturd,” Rep. Greene said, “I believe in accountability, and I believe in not just saying something, but following through on it. And I believe that Republicans need to prove to the American people that we are the party of American nationalism and Christian nationalism.

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“I am a Christian. I have no problem saying I am a Christian nationalist, and I think that’s an identity that we need to embrace because those are the policies that serve every single American regardless of how they vote. They can be a Democrat and a progressive, but Christian nationalist or American nationalist, America First policies still serve those people because they’re the right policies for everyone.”

The Twitter account “Patriot Takes” shared the segment of the podcast where Rep. Greene made these comments, which in part helped fuel the online outrage mob likening the congresswoman’s comments to an endorsement of Nazism.

Image Credit: Twitter

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In the days that followed, leftists touting their false smears and sky-is-falling rhetoric began posting memes and unsound opinions comparing Rep. Greene to Hitler or asserting that she’s a Nazi.

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

However, anyone willing to devote a minute or so of time to examine what Nazism is and what American or Christian nationalism is would be able to determine that there’s hardly a similar comparison to be found.

A simple definition of nationalism is “loyalty and devotion to a nation,” which American nationalism would merely be someone bearing loyalty and devotion to America and the principles of the country.

Obviously, American nationalism is nowhere near to the tenets that composed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was a hodge-podge of embracing eugenics and anti-bourgeois sentiments, where political dissidents and those of a foreign race were deemed undesirable. It goes without saying that Nazism came in tow with a particular disdain for those of Jewish descent.

As for Christian nationalism, that too is nowhere near the realm of Nazism, as the ideology of Christian nationalism consists of forwarding social and political movements that align with Christian ideals.

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