WASHINGTON, DC – This week, the home of former senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon was the target of a “swatting,” reportedly over a false report to police alleging that Bannon had shot someone and was actively armed.

The incident occurred on the morning of July 8th, with The Washington Post reporting that police stated “someone called a crisis hotline and reported a man inside the rowhouse in the 200 block of A Street NE had shot someone and had a firearm.”

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Video captured outside of Bannon’s home at the time of the incident showcased the immense police response. Said police response resulted in the streets around the Capitol and the Supreme Court being closed down for roughly an hour.

Luckily, no one was harmed amid the heavily armed response by police, with Bannon mentioning to an NBC News correspondent on scene, “The police were terrific,” but didn’t elaborate beyond that with them.

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What he reportedly told Brietbert on the other hand is a different story…

MPD Assistant Chief Jeffery Carroll told reports that responding officers walked through Bannon’s home and spoke with individuals inside to ensure everything was safe, stating, “They were a little bit shocked, but obviously they understood why we were there.”

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For those unfamiliar with the term and/or practice of “swatting,” the act consists of a person or persons knowingly making a false 911 call directed at a target’s address that would warrant an armed and often aggressive/hostile police response (i.e., such as the report rendered in Bannon’s case).

The general purpose of a “swatting” is, at a minimum, to invoke terror on the target – but it’s common knowledge that the results can be deadly for the target, which there are undoubtedly an innumerable amount of people who harbor ill will toward Bannon to the point that such an outcome was likely hoped for.

Red Voice Media has previously covered instances where political commentators were the subject of such targeted attacks, such as the case of Tim Pool, who was “swatted” not once – but twice – within a period of two weeks this past January.

What’s interesting in the “swatting” incidents involving Pool and now the most recent one involving Bannon was that their names are both listed in an article crafted by known cancel-culture advocate Nandini Jammi, which Jammi blamed Pool, Bannon, and others for the January 6th incident at the Capitol.

As pointed out in our previous report regarding Pool’s January 18th “swatting,” Pool had responded to Jammi defaming him as someone who had somehow enabled the incident at the Capitol. Jammi took to Twitter not long thereafter, writing, “Laughing my ass off at Tim Pool DMing my business partner his legal threats because he’s scared of me.”

Roughly seven hours after Jammi wrote the aforementioned, Pool was “swatted.”

Stew Peters was also “swatted” in April. Truth-tellers appear to be targets of this immature and dangerous game.

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