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THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS! – NY Governor Signs ILLEGAL Gun Control Law! – Ignores Supreme Court! [VIDEO]

“Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest move by New York Governor Hochul to get rid of any method of self-defense remaining.

Despite the Supreme Court Ruling recently which allowed New Yorkers to conceal carry, Governor Hochul has just overridden the Supreme Court decision by signing a law that prohibits guns in so-called “sensitive” places.

Places such as “government-owned buildings, schools, health care facilities, places of worship and public transportation.” Also included are major tourist attractions.

This is yet another move to make New York more defenseless and less safe utilizing fear tactics and emotion based on events that happened in places WITH GUN CONTROL AND RED FLAG LAWS.

Meanwhile, when asked if she has any numbers to prove that gun control would make people safer, Hochul replied “I don’t need to have numbers.”

It’s pretty clear the agenda that’s playing out right now. One should be on the lookout for coming false flags.” – Wolrd Alternative Media