Josh Sigurdson reports on the news of Representative Jason Crow, among others on the intelligence committee, warning of bioweapons being designed based on DNA and targeting individuals.

This is something the conspiracy community has been warning of for decades. Today, high-ranking Democrats and Republicans on the intelligence committee are warning of it!

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Five years ago, Putin also warned about such bioweapons.

The fact is, it’s already happening.

All the while, the CIA, among other entities, are developing bioweapons to mass murder people via their food, water, and air.

From digital bioweapons that replicate inside a human to robots based on parasites that cling to the lining of your stomach, release medicines, and can be remotely controlled.

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Also, as the University of California and Bill Gates are researching mRNA grown in food that would change your DNA by just eating.

From the drought in France to the planned blackouts to the controlled demolition of the supply chain, we must prepare now. This is a war on humanity, and we must win for humanity.” – World Alternative Media

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