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Threat To Public Health: Government Plans To Destroy The Church, Immorality & Endless Disease

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If you want an insight into how demonic our public health authorities have become, you just have to look at how differently they respond to different diseases.

With Covid-19, it’s clear that our health officials, in some weird sick way, just couldn’t wait to get people into lockdowns. It gave them a thrill to control people like this, and to feel so powerful, and make themselves look like they were saving the world. They were foaming at the mouth to ban people from seeing their loved ones, to stop them from celebrating weddings or holding funerals. They especially loved forcing people to stop attending church in the name of “slowing the spread.” Now, they’re obsessed with sticking shots into everybody they can, whether it’s deadly or not. And in the case of children, it’s even more cynical. Kids don’t need a shot to stop this “infection”, because children are at statistically zero risk from Covid.

So that’s how our officials responded to Covid. Well, now we have another virus making the rounds, called monkeypox.

Well, here’s some of what we know: We are told Monkeypox is “deadlier” than Covid was. But it doesn’t spread as easily. In fact, it’s often a sexually-transmitted disease. It’s spread the same way that HIV was spread forty years ago: Through gay men having promiscuous, drug-fueled sex with a large number of partners in a short span of time.

So, are any of our health officials suggesting that gay men should stay away from bathhouses? Are any of them saying to maybe tamp back on the most over-the-top pride festivities? No. They aren’t even willing to come out and say “stop having promiscuous unprotected sex.” In fact, instead of doing that, the CDC literally produced a guide on how to have sex without spreading monkeypox. Their suggestions include “masturbate while six feet away from someone” and “avoid kissing.” I know, that’s disgusting, and I’m sorry, but that’s our government. Those are our “health officials.” We didn’t make that up. It’s all one hundred percent real.

So, why did our health officials race to shut down churches and inject toddlers, while publishing how-to sex guides for gay men spreading monkeypox? You know the answer: This stopped being about neutral “public health” a long time ago. These people want to shut down churches and destroy normal people’s lives. But they can’t do that for gays having orgies to celebrate Pride month. In modern America, homosexual orgies might as well be a religious sacrament.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander was a senior Covid advisor at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump Administration. He wanted to come on to talk about monkeypox, the child vaccination push, and even a possible link between mask mandates and recent mass shootings.

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