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Total Control, Surveillance State, and Human Enslavement: The Unspoken Themes of the ‘Great Reset’ [VIDEO]

Like Father, Like Son.

Klaus Schwab’s father was a Nazi, and Klaus seems to follow in his footsteps. Until recently, friends called me a conspiracy theorist because I claimed that this plandemic is the stirrup holder for a “Great Reset.” The latter is nothing but the total enslavement of the global population. And by saying “enslavement,” I mean:

(1) Total control over their (online) behaviour.
(2) Total control over their (digital) money.
(3) Cancel culture movement.
(4) Establishing a Ministry of Truth (WHO, UN, and other globalist organisations, Social Media, and Fact Checkers)
(5) Mass surveillance and a social credit system (incl. CO2 Credits)

This development is scary, and nobody will be able to claim “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” – “we did not know.” Because Klaus Schwab speaks about his objectives as openly as Hitler did in his book “Mein Kampf.”

Resist! – Simon Goddek [1]