Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent news to affect the supply chain as we see a global effort to control the collapse of the supply chain to force people into dependence, desperation, and of course, with that, the Great Reset.

While the rail strike was put off from July 18th, it now looks like it will resume again, RIGHT at harvest time in the fall.

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On top of this, trains are being stopped by the government from getting to their destinations while carrying valuable and needed fuel. This is causing the price of fuel to go up.

Meanwhile, farmers are being forced to kill livestock, and 70,000 trucks are being forced off the highways in California.

All of this happening in the middle of a supply chain crisis make it obvious that this is all on purpose.

Meanwhile, Canada is now pushing through the law that mimics the Netherlands in its attempt (under the guise of “climate change”) to shut down a third of all Canadian farms.

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People who protest are being arrested.

Get prepared now!” – World Alternative Media

Sources referenced by Josh in the video above:

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