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Transhumanists Launch Artificial Baby Wombs, Vaxx Killed Colin Powell, Dr. Zelenko Dead at 48

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Friday, July 1st, The Stew Peters Show kicks off Independence Day weekend with some AMAZING interviews!

Dr. Zelenko was nothing less than a hero to the people!

His dedication to saving the lives of the innocent will NEVER be forgotten.

Andi Buerger, C.E.O. of VoicesAgainstTrafficking.com [2], joins to spread awareness of Human Trafficking as well as giving her own experience of human trafficking.

Gillyan Stone joins to speak out against scientist, Dr. Allan Flake, who believes that he can replace a mother’s womb with a piece of plastic & fake amniotic fluid!

Dr. Jane Ruby [3] provides information behind the possible Vaccine-Induced death of Colin Powell, & what the Deep State will do to cover this data up!

Churches deserve the right to refuse gayness from entering the church, & Dr. Paul E. Alexander agrees!

He joins the show to talk about what the separation of church & state means, and how we fight BigGov as they make laws that pervert our Churches!

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Coming Soon – THESE LITTLE ONES : An Inside Look into the Dark Underbelly of Human Trafficking [4]