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Tropical Trump Has Liberal Media Hacks Head’s Exploding, A Threat To Their Globalist Agenda – Tucker [VIDEOS]

Tucker Carlson is in Brazil on assignment, and his segment leading into his interview with the country’s President was exceptional…

“Bolsonaro is no Justin Trudeau. He’s not a low-IQ fascist who would be working as an Instagram influencer if he doesn’t have his own army. He’s not the president of Ukraine, who shuts down television stations that dare to criticize him and outlaws opposition parties and arms Nazis.” – Tucker Carlson

“In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Bolsonaro brings up several valid points that are worth mentioning:

▪️ Mainstream media have instilled fear amongst the population and opposed preventive treatment methods. (Remark: The vaccination campaign in Brazil was beyond the good taste [1]. Every commercial break consisted of several vaccine propaganda clips addressing adults and children.)

▪️ State Governors misused the situation to oppress the general public and force an experimental vaccine upon them. (Remark: Many states still communicate that wearing masks prevents the spread of viruses. Heretics!)

▪️ The Brazilian (woke) supreme court opposed the rights of bodily integrity, physical autonomy, and self-determination. (Remark: It is also co-responsible for the strict entrance regulations for tourists.)

▪️ Big Pharma has too much power and undermines the democratic structures of many countries. (Remark: Pfizer has been accused [2] of holding Brazil ‘to ransom’ over vaccine contract demands.)

▪️ Early treatments (i.e., Ivermectin, etc.) could have saved many lives. (Remark: The data shows [3] that he was right from the beginning. Early treatment with Ivermectin is highly efficient; however, the media and Lula supporters still claim that Ivermectin killed more people than it saved. A blatant lie!)” – Dr. Simon [4]

“Contrary to Bolsonaro, his challenger Lula is highly autocratic. Lula called Bolsonaro’s approach a ‘genocide,’ and if it had been up to him, everybody in Brazil who rejected the vaccine would have lost their civil rights.

Unfortunately, Brazil is still in a state of fear due to the most prominent media network, “Globo.” Many people are still wearing masks while sitting alone in the car or going for a walk. I hope that the truth concerning the vaccines and the political corruption will come to light before the general elections this year so Lula can be avoided.” – Dr. Simon [4]

All the best from Brazil,
Dr. Simon [4]