“President Trump has filed a notice of intent to sue CNN and other media organizations over their coverage of the fraudulent 2020 election.” – Behizy Hub

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“That’s amazing news. Donald Trump has been attacked more times than a redhead with freckles to slanderous defamation. This man wakes up to new hoaxes every day, consistent nonsense news has a new owner. By the way, their new owner has stopped them from using the term The Big Lie to describe the massive fraud in the 2020 election. At this point, I’m not entirely sure CNN can afford to even pay their lawyers. They get about 50 views every stream. I think this video is gonna get more views than CNN and probably more likes. Wait, we’re not even talking about the best part. This has to do with how they defrauded the public on the 2020 election. There was real references to election fraud evidence. I saw a section here on this notice for evidence from true the vote. We have a few paragraphs on ballot drop boxes.” – George

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“The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling on those ballot drop boxes, it’s actually pretty awesome…” – George

Image Credit: Behizy Hub

“The best thing we can do is pray to the Lord God Almighty that he uses one judge to make a competent decision. If you’re a judge out there. Please start listening to the evidence turn off Lucifer for a second, and just listen to the Holy Spirit. What is he telling you to do?” – George

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You can Read Trump’s letter here in its entirety:

Ifrah Law. Hands-on Counsel, Gloves-off Litigation: RE: Notice of Intent to Bring Civil Action for Defamation


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