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Up to 500,000 Dead from a Headache Pill: The Pharmaceutical Mafia and Merck’s Drug of Death [VIDEO]

In an interview with Maria Zeee [1], Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. harped on the pharmaceutical industry’s long history of prioritizing profits over people.

“Big Pharma is as corrupt as the mafia. Since 1980, the pharmaceutical industry has paid $86 billion in criminal penalties for lying to regulators, defrauding government officials and doctors, falsifying the science, lying to the public, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans with products that they knew were lethal.

“For example, Vioxx, which was Merck’s blockbuster drug until 2006, killed between 100,000 and 500,000 Americans. It was a drug that Merck marketed as a headache pill, knowing that it caused heart attacks, fatal heart attacks. They knew it from their clinical trials, and they hid that fact from the public.

“Most people who took that drug, if they knew that it could kill them, would have said,’ You know what. I think I’ll take an aspirin.’ But they weren’t given that choice because Merck lied to them and knowingly lied to them.”

Equally as bad, the FDA enables their behavior, totally captured by the pharmaceutical industry.

“And this has happened again and again and again and again. 25% of the drugs that are approved by FDA are later withdrawn. So, we know that FDA is a captive agency; 45% of FDA’s budget comes from the pharmaceutical industry.”

In a recent example, Pfizer recalled the long FDA-approved Chantix [2] over cancer concerns. These types of occurrences repeatedly happen, which begs the question: why would you inject your child and risk their entire future to unforeseen safety issues from the COVID shot?

Follow the link below to watch the entirety of this great interview.

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