INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Earlier in July, Indianapolis Colts General Manager Chris Ballard attended a press conference where he used his platform to deliver a pro-gun control message. However, Ballard’s thoughts on the subject were overshadowed by his apparent lack of knowledge regarding firearms and laws surrounding them, when bemoaning how 18-year-olds are able to go into stores and purchase “AK-15 automatic weapons.”

The NFL team general manager opened up his July 26th press conference to tackle the topic of mass shootings that have occurred in recent months across the country, making special mention of the recent mass shooting that took place in Greenwood, Indiana, on July 17th.

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“On a serious note, before I start talking, about camp and our team, condolences for all the families in Greenwood.”

Ballard also referenced the mass shootings that unfolded in Uvalde, Buffalo, and Highland Park earlier in 2022, rhetorically asking, “I mean, where does it end,” before going into a diatribe about how both political parties are “wrong” on the issue of gun violence.

“When does some common sense come to play and when does this end? When do our elected officials actually do something about it instead of their own political game. And both sides are completely wrong.”

However, right after delivering the aforementioned comments, Ballard showcased that he’s clearly in favor of gun control – while also demonstrating his immense ineptitude when it pertains to firearms in general.

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“I’m not anti-gun, but I’m anti-military style weapons. It blows my mind the way that an 18-year-old kid can walk in and buy an AK-15 automatic weapon. It makes no sense, zero.”

Now, is there such thing as an AK-15? Yes, they do indeed exist – as they’re a Russian rifle produced primarily for the country’s military and police forces. Furthermore, AK-15s also have select fire capabilities, meaning they can be turned fully-automatic with the flip of a switch.

But the problem here is that none of the mass shootings referenced by Ballard involved an AK-15, and there certainly isn’t going to be anybody here stateside that can legally get their hands on a fully-auto AK-15, let alone an 18-year-old just moseying into a gun shop.

The AK-15 was first revealed back in 2016 in Russia, which marks as the largest reason as to why no ordinary citizen in the United States would be able to purchase one legally – because the date the weapon was manufactured is clearly after 1986.

It was back in 1986 that the Firearm Owner Protection Act came in effect. Part of that package deal was the banning of sales, ownership, or possession of any new fully-automatic weapons after the law came into being (of course, with there being generous exceptions when a fully-auto weapon was being acquired by any state, local, or federal agency/department).

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