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WHO Declares Monkeypox A “Global Health Emergency” Here’s What You Need To Know!!! – Press For Truth [VIDEO]

“On Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, the World Health Organization declared the monkeypox outbreak to be a global health emergency which is the highest alarm it can sound.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the decision to issue the declaration despite a lack of consensus among experts serving on the U.N. health agency’s emergency committee.

In this video, Dan Dicks [1] of Press For Truth [2] covers the latest fear-mongering campaign being waged by the WHO as they shift the focus from Covid-19(84) to “monkeypox” and, more importantly, what you should be doing about it right now before it’s too late!” – Press For Truth [3]

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Communist Twitter screenshot

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Communist Twitter screenshot

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