On a recent airing of CNN’s “New Day,” anchor John Berman reported on a piece written by Edward-Isaac Dovere that showed Democrats in Congress are rapidly losing faith in the Biden administration over a perceived lack of action coming from the White House amid serious issues like inflation.

“New CNN reporting this morning about an overwhelming sense of frustration among Democrats over what is being described as mismanagement inside the Biden administration. One member of Congress calls the White House, ‘Rudderless, aimless, and hopeless.'”

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Berman introduced Dovere onto the program, asking him, “Isaac, the call is coming from within the caucus. I mean, these are Democrats telling you these things. What do they say?”

Dovere alleged that the general consensus among Democrats in Washington is that the current administration is seemingly doing nothing in the face of record inflation and other debacles adversely impacting Americans.

“There is a lot of frustration that they want more action out of President Biden. They feel like days, weeks go by, there’s not enough going on to say that they’re taking decisive moves to combat inflation. Obviously, it’s a big problem that is very complicated, but still they’d like to see some activity around it.”

The CNN journalist added that when it comes to “accountability,” Democrats are also peeved that there’s an apparent lack thereof in the White House, using the recent baby formula shortage as an example.

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“And they’d like to see that on other things. They’d like to see more decision making go on, they’d like to see some accountability when it comes to even firing people over the baby formula situation, or other things before that have continued to crop up in this administration – in this White House.”

But at the end of the day, Democrats biggest gripe seems to be that what Biden is doing (or rather, not doing) is going to come at a heavy cost for Democrats across the spectrum – specifically, the upcoming midterms.

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While the party in power has traditionally never had stellar midterms, Democrats are preparing for some serious losses, namely the majorities in both the House and the Senate.

But another sentiment brought up by Dovere that has been speculated on by Democrats (and even pundits on CNN in recent weeks) is whether Biden has a shred of hope when it comes to running for reelection in 2024.

“And they feel like this is feeding a problem that the president has and the Democrats have going into the midterms in November, that there is not enough decisive action going on. The people don’t feel like they’re responsive enough to all of the problems that are there. And it’s also feeding some doubts about where President Biden would be for reelection in 2024.”

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