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Alex Stein Brutally Trolls Vice Reporter at CPAC Wearing a Mask [VIDEO]

DALLAS, TX – Conservative comedian and self-described “culture jammer” Alex Stein trolled Vice News reporter Tess Owen at the CPAC event in Dallas earlier in August, poking fun at her being the only person masked at the event and calling her out for attending with the sole purpose to write hit pieces regarding the event.

Vice has certainly come a long way from its early days when being cofounded by Gavin McInnes [1] (yes, that Gavin McInnes) in the mid-1990s to what the media outlet churns out nowadays, and the content pushed out by contributor Tess Owen [2] is the embodiment of where the media outlet currently stands amid the culture wars.

Owen is the writer of such ridiculous and alarmist gems as “Christian Fascist Propaganda Is All Over TikTok” and “White Nationalists Want To Reclaim Nature As A Safe Space For Racists” – the sort of drivel that BlueAnons salivate over in between sharing Occupy Democrats memes on whatever their favorite social network is.

So when Owen decided to attend CPAC in Dallas, it was painfully obvious that whatever coverage she was going to crank out with respect to the event was going to aim at denigrating enthusiastic attendees and key figures affiliated with the event.

But what Owen seemingly didn’t bank on was being recognized and called out on the spot at CPAC by Stein, who has become a notable figure within the modern conservative movement for his trolling tactics.

Back in July [3], Stein made waves in Washington, DC, when he heckled Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from outside the steps of the Capitol, referring to her as his “favorite big booty Latina” who “wants to kill babies.” Stein also trolled Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw in June [4], recording himself following the congressman while calling him “Eyepatch McCain.”

Needless to say, Owen was dished out with a similar brand of trolling by Stein on August 6th, with him poking fun at her for wearing a mask and heckling her about how many COVID shots she’s subjected herself to.

“So this is the Vice reporter. You can tell the only one in a mask here, so how are you doing…She’s here trolling everybody here. So she’s the only one here in a mask, and she’s just saying negative stuff. I can’t believe they let you in here. Do you feel like a sheep in the lions’ den?”

Owen timidly responded that she “has credentials to be here,” with Stein shooting back with, “Yeah, so do I,” adding, “This is Vice guys, this person, she’s trying to troll this event. She thinks all of you guys are losers. That’s what she posts on the internet. She posts the most out-of-context stuff.”

At this point, a crowd had begun to gather around Stein and Owen, with the crowd laughing at the Vice News contributor in the process. Stein continued to heckle Owen, saying, “Vice is the worst media company there is. They’re all liars. So what do you think about your crappy media company?”

Stein wasn’t letting up once he realized he was getting under Owen’s skin, dialing up the trolling as more people laughed at the Vice journalist, telling the crowd, “Guys, this is a Vice – this person, she’s a loser, right here. She’s the only one in a mask, you see this? This is what a loser looks like. She’s got her coronavirus – how many vaccines have you had? Are you on your fifth vaccine?”

Stein continued to rile up Owen for a bit before walking away, with Owen getting visibly frustrated at the end of the interaction.

Leftist media outlet Mediaite predictably came to the defense of Owen [5], drumming up a report that described the trolling as Stein having “badgered” Owen while “acting obnoxiously and throwing insults at her.”