In an appearance on “The Megyn Kelly Show” earlier in August, former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recounted an experience she had with Joe Biden where he engaged in behavior that could fall under “a Title IX sexual harassment” incident based upon Biden’s own proposal of how Title IX should be interpreted at college campuses.

Without giving insight into precisely when and where this uncomfortable interaction with Biden transpired, DeVos recounted an interaction where Biden got a bit too touchy for her liking following some kind of speaking engagement.

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“I’ve only had one encounter with Joe Biden, and it was…before he decided to run for president. Again, I was in a wheelchair, I was backstage after speaking. He came up to me – I’d never met him before in my life – he came up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and his forehead on my forehead for several seconds, and had a conversation with me.”

What DeVos finds the most troublesome with this prior encounter with Biden is that the conduct he allegedly engaged in would run afoul of the very Title IX proposals his administration is trying to get enacted.

“If he had done that as a student on a college campus under his proposed rule, I would have a Title IX sexual harassment allegation to…levy against him because of his conduct. I’ve heard from many students who had lesser encounters or lesser situations than what I had to encounter with him, and yet he wants this for college students but will not acknowledge and…agree to probes into allegations of much more egregious conduct on his part against other women.”

The former education secretary emphasized that she wasn’t sharing this past interaction with Biden to drum up some kind of pity or sympathy party but rather to demonstrate that what the current administration is trying to do with Title IX stretches far beyond what it was originally intended to accomplish.

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“I’m just using it as an example to say this administration is so bent on trying to politicize and weaponize a law that was meant to protect women and to give them access to education, not to weaponize it to harm others and…this is a really bad direction that they’re taking with their proposed Title IX rule, and I hope people will speak up about it.”

Show host Megyn Kelly was flabbergasted over the Biden forehead-touching debacle, remarking on how the matter is both “disgusting” and “bizarre,” yet par for the course in terms of Biden’s history with “boundary crossing.”

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“Wait, let’s just back up – you were in a wheelchair, and he came over, and he touched foreheads with you? Oh my God, why? No…disgusting. You don’t want to touch foreheads with anybody, I don’t even touch foreheads with my husband. I mean, that’s bizarre and another example of his inappropriate boundary crossing.”

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