BREVARD COUNTY, FL – Earlier in August, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey released a video to Facebook where he announced that in an effort to ensure children remain safe inside schools, school resource deputies will be equipped with large rifles and tactical gear on their person inside schools within the county.

In the video released on August 8th, Sheriff Ivey began the message by offering students and teachers returning to Brevard County schools a warm welcome while additionally acknowledging a concern that has been growing recently due to the events that played out in Uvalde this past May.

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“Over the course of the past several months, parents, teachers, students and communities across our country have all grown deeply concerned over school shootings like the one in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed by an active shooter.”

Noting that such concerns are well-warranted, the Brevard County sheriff offered comforting words assuring parents within the county that the local schools are “among the safest in the country,” highlighting that the deputies and officers stationed at said schools “are the most courageous” in the country.

“Tonight as you talk to your child about heading back to school, I want to reassure our parents, our teachers and our students, that our schools are among the safest in the country and are protected by who, I believe, are the most courageous deputies and officers in America.”

But the Brevard County sheriff is doing more than just sharing comforting words to assuage the concerns of parents and students – he’s also taking action to ensure those promises of safety are kept via equipping school resources deputies with the tools to effectively respond to any potential threat.

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“Sun Tzu says in The Art of War that ‘Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.’ What Sun Tzu means is that to win every battle, you must outsmart, out-strategize, out-train, and out-prepare your opponent long before the battle is ever fought. With that concept in mind, my first goal to win the battle is by making sure our schools are hard targets so that anyone with evil in the heart will think twice about coming onto one of our campuses and trying to harm a child or one of our teachers.”

An image was shared of a new uniform that school resource deputies will be provided, which comes complete with a rifle affixed to the chest area of the tactical vest. Sheriff Ivey described the new gear, saying, “This new style uniform and tactical preparedness gives our team members the advantage and ability to instantly address the threat with the level of force necessary to eliminate the shooter and save the lives of innocent children and teachers.”

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The Brevard County sheriff is not oblivious to those who may be not so thrilled at the idea of armed deputies inside of schools, addressing that notion with, “While there will be those that perhaps don’t understand this new tactical approach to keeping our kids safe, it is my prayer that this new level of preparedness and immediate ability to address the threat will prevent an active shooter from ever walking on one of our campuses and trying to harm a child.”

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