ROCKDALE, TX – It appears as though Beto O’Rourke was not well-received when hosting an event in Rockdale, Texas, earlier in August, as a slew of sign-toting Governor Greg Abbott supporters chased the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful back to his vehicle while blaring some Kid Rock music.

The scene played out on the evening of August 6th outside of the Kay Theater in Rockdale, where O’Rourke was holding an event to promote his campaign for governor.

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Reportedly there were more anti-O’Rourke demonstrators staged outside of the venue than there were supporters of the Democratic candidate attending the event.

While O’Rourke was leaving the venue, he was being escorted by local police as dozens of Abbott supporters followed and heckled the Democratic candidate all the way to his vehicle. In the background, the song, “We The People” by Kid Rock could be heard playing.

O’Rourke’s vehicle was eventually able to pull out of the venue after being briefly surrounded by the Abbott supporters, who were waving signs and continuously jeering him. Right as the video is about to cut off, the individual filming the matter turns to the camera, saying, “Bitch-ass mother fucker,” which was obviously directed at O’Rourke.

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O’Rourke has essentially made the basis of his campaign for governor by standing on the graves of the young children killed in the Uvalde massacre at Robb Elementary School, with his first major political stunt regarding the tragedy occurring days after the incident occurred.

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On May 26th, Governor Abbott was holding a press conference regarding the massacre that transpired earlier that month, which O’Rourke took it upon himself to interrupt the press conference to try scoring political points via attacking the Second Amendment.

O’Rourke’s stunt was short-lived, with him being escorted out of the auditorium while dozens of people in the crowd attending the presser and those on stage decrying O’Rourke’s attempt to jump on a tragedy to turn the matter political.

Drew Hernandez, the host of “Frontlines,” caught up with O’Rourke shortly after the stunt was pulled during the press briefing, calling him out for exploiting the victims from Uvalde while also adding that the parents of the victims did not appreciate what he did.

“Hey, Beto. How do you feel exploiting dead kids? How do you feel exploiting dead kids Beto? Do you care? The parents in Uvalde said they didn’t want you there. The parents in Uvalde said they didn’t want you there, Beto. What do you say to the parents I talked to yesterday in Uvalde that said they didn’t want you there? They didn’t want you to do that, Beto. They didn’t want you to exploit dead kids, Beto. Why are you exploiting dead kids Beto? Beta! Beta! Beta!”

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